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955 Mechanical Outer Wrap


  • Plant applied coating system
  • Reconditioning or Bell Hole Rehabilitation of "Operating Pipelines"
  • Line Travel (in situ) application of coating "over the ditch" Rehabilitation



Features & Benefits:


Proven Performance Tough Protection
     Twenty-five years of Worldwide use      Suitable for all climatic conditions and terrains

Easy Application

Strong Bond
     Easily achieves a taut, smooth wrap over a      wide range of primary coatings      Tough, pressure sensitive adhesive means      outerwrap bonds and stays permanently


Max Temperature: 85 ºC, 185 ºF

Ordering Information: Availabe in Roll forms.

Exemple: 955-30 WHI 4x100

  • 955: Product name
  • 30: Tape thickness, mil (15,20,25,30 mil) ((0,381 mm 0,5 mm 0,635 mm 0,762 mm)
  • WHI: Color, (WHI white)
  • 4: Roll’s width, inches (2”,4”,6”) (50  mm, 101 mm, 152 mm)
  • 100: Roll’s length, feet (100’,200’( (30,48 m, 61 m)
DS-955-30-REV2-Feb10 [PDF, 108.14 KB]
DS-955-REV6-Feb10 [PDF, 118.76 KB]
DS-980-955-REV7-Dec11(2) [PDF, 420.4 KB]
DS-980-955-RF-REV2-Feb10(1) [PDF, 374.46 KB]

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