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TraceTek TT7000HUV Sensing Cable for strong mineral acids

TraceTek TT7000-HUV sensor cable detects leaks and spills of sulfuric and nitric acid at any point along the cable length. When used in conjunction with TraceTek monitoring instruments, the cable senses the presence of acid, triggers an alarm and pinpoints the location of the acid contact to within +/- 1 meter accuracy.


Insensitive to water and dirt and sunlight

TT7000-HUV is designed for demanding indoor or outdoor environments. TT7000-HUV is a small diameter, flexible cable consisting of four wires wrapped around a central core. Two of the wires are acid sensitive electrodes that are jacketed with a protective coating material that provides a water resistant barrier. An outer layer rope-braid of synthetic fiber provides further protection from UV radiation. TT7000-HUV cable can be exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, fog, condensation, dust, blowing dirt and other contaminants without causing a false alarm. When acid contacts the TT7000-HUV cable, the acid is absorbed by the outer rope layer, then dissolves the protective coating on the acid sensitive cable electrodes— resulting in the leak detection signal.


Distributed sensing

TT7000-HUV sensor cable provides distributed leak detection and location along the entire run of cable. Cable can be installed around localized sources of acid leakage (e.g. valves, pumps and tanks) as well as along pipelines carrying acid.


Design flexibility

Individual circuit lengths up to 1000 m can be monitored from a single sensor interface module (SIM). Multiple SIMs can be easily networked to provide extended coverage in chemical complexes or along pipelines. Alarm and control panels with capacity for up to 127 SIMs are standard. TraceTek Supervisor (for Windows PC) is available for stand alone installations, or the SIM units can be directly connected to the facility alarm and control systems.

Use TT7000-HUV sensor cable only with TTC-1, TTSIM-1 or internal sensor interface card in TTDM-128.

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