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TTSIM2 Sensor interface module with LCD and relay Tracetek

Easy setup and simple operation

The TTSIM-2 Sensor Interface Module monitors up to 150 meters (500 feet) of TraceTek sensing cable. When liquid is detected, the TTSIM-2 unit indicates the leak, displays the location of the leak and switches a relay toprovide local voltage-free contact closure. The TTSIM-2 can also communicate to a host monitoring systemsuchas a TraceTek TTDM-128 or directly to a PLC or other host system using standard protocols. Thelow cost of the TTSIM-2 makes it economical to build very robust systems with many small independent sensing cable segments. No field calibration is required.

The TTSIM-2 can be used as a stand-alone leak detection alarm unit, or in networks with other TraceTek TTSIM, TT-NRM or TTDM-128 modules. The TTSIM-2 can be configured using a Microsoft Windows™ based PC, or a TraceTek TTDM-128 network master module.


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