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Pi Matrix Raspberry Pi LED Matrix and Driver Board Kit

The "Pi Matrix" Raspberry Pi LED Matrix and Driver Board Kit includes everything you need to get your Raspberry Pi communicating with a large 8 x 8 LED Matrix! The kit, which is compatible with both Python and C, plugs directly into the GPIO connector on the Raspberry Pi, features a huge 8 x 8 LED Matrix, includes a 16 bit MCP23017 I/O Chip which can drive up to two 8 bit Opto Isolated Relay Boards. You can even remove the Matrix display and use it for 16 bits of I/O.
Basic soldering skills are requried to assemble this product.
Push Your Pi Features:
  • Kit Contents
    • 1 x PCB
    • 1 x 8 by 8 LED Matrix (60mm x 60mm)
    • 1 x MCP23017 Serial Interface I/O Expander IC's.
    • 1 x 28 Pin IC Sockets
    • 1 x 2 Pin Jumper
    • 1 x Capacitor
    • 1 x 40 Pin Header Row
    • 2 x 8 Pin Headers
    • 16 x Resistors
    • 1 x GPIO Header
    • 1 x Stick on Rubber Bumper 
  • ​Kit designed for easy integration of an 8 x 8 LED Matrix with the Raspberry Pi!





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PiMatrix-part-1 [PDF, 561.79 KB]
PiMatrix-part-2 [PDF, 496.94 KB]

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