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932 High Tack Joint Coating

Ordering Information: Availabe in Roll forms.

Exemple: 932-35-BLK 2x50-1,5

  • 932: Product name
  • 35: Tape thickness, mil (35mils=0,89 mm, 50 mils=1,27 mm, 65 mils=1,5 mm)
  • BLK: Color of Tape, (BLK= Black, WHI white)
  • 2: Roll’s width, inches (2”=20 mm,,4”=101 mm, 6”=152 mm)
  • 50: Roll’s length, feet (50'=15,2 m)
  • 1,5: Roll inner core diameter, inches (1,5"=41 mm, 3"=76 mm)


  • Ideal for girth welds, bends, Ts & odd shapes
  • Also used for spiral and longitudinal weld seams
  • For small, hand or wrapping machine applications on pipes even during extreme cold weather conditions


Features & Benefits:


Conforms to irregular shapes Compatible with all other coating systems
     Offers a solution for nearly every application      Versatile and reduces inventory

Super high tack adhesive

Complies with AWWA C-209, EN12068 and DIN30672
     Ensures a strong bond and impervious seal      Reliable, high performance corrosion protection

Worldwide reference list

Easy to apply with minimal training
     Established in-ground history      Saves time and money!


Max Temperature: 50 ºC, 122 ºF
DS-932-REV7-SEP11 [PDF, 99.33 KB]

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