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XAGA 530 - Joint Closure System

XAGA 530 -  Joint closure system for unpressurized copper networks

  • Heat-shrinkable composite joint closure system for cables: aerial, buried or ducted, non filled or jelly filled, with polyethylene, lead, steel or aluminium sheaths
  • Composite structure of the sleeve offers an excellent resistance to mechanical abuse during and after the installation
  • Integrated moisture barrier reconstitutes the cable sheath over the total splice area
  • Hot-melt adhesive forms a watertight seal to the cable sheath
  • Variable non-hygroscope liner insulates, shapes and mechanically protects the  splice bundle
  • Excellent performance under high humidity and in tropical conditions
  • Up to 3 cables at each end can be accommodated using three finger clips with hot-melt adhesive
  • Installation indicators: heat-sensitive paint, adhesive flow and white line
  • Extended size range can accommodate splices up to 800 pairs
  • Unlimited shelf life


XAGA530-Tyco-Datasheet [PDF, 2.12 MB]
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