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PBSS Pressure Blocking System

PBSS -  Pressure Blocking System

The PBSS pressure blocking system is a fast, simple, and efficient method of forming a pressure dam in telecommunications cable. It has been specifically designed for use on polyethylene insulated conductor cable.
PBSS closures incorporate SuperSleeve sealing material, which combines the strength and durability of composite design with proven heat-shrink technology.
  • Pressure dam
  • No need to remove group binders
  • Wraparound sleeve makes it easy to use
  • Requires less blocking compound than other methods
  • Incorporates SuperSleeve sealing material for strength and durability


The PBSS pressure blocking system is a fast, simple, and efficient method of forming a pressure dam in telecommunications cable. It has been specifically designed for use on polyethylene insulated conductor cable.

PBSS closures incorporate SuperSleeve sealing material, which combines the strength and durability of composite design with proven heatshrink technology. SuperSleeve sealing material is composed of several layers of specially blended polymers and adhesives, a fiberr einforcing
layer, and an aluminum moisture vapor barrier layer. The fiber-reinforcing layer provides excellent mechanical strength and eliminates the propagation of localized damage that can result from over-heating or other errors in installation. Once the PBSS sleeve has been installed, the composite design of the SuperSleeve sealing material provides superior mechanical protection from forces such as impact and abrasion.

This unique product places the blocking compound under hydraulic compression to deliver it under pressure to potential leak interfaces, eliminating the need to remove group binders. The PBSS pressurized blocking technique results in smaller-diameter blocks, thereby requiring significantly less blocking compound than other methods. For riser applications, PBSS sleeves feature easier placement and use of smaller U Guard risers.


The heat-activated adhesive on the inside of the PBSS wraparound sleeve bonds to the cable sheath to provide mechanical strength. The
fast-acting bonding action means that the cable can be handled minutes after installation, and the pressure dam is protected during placement
and throughout its life.

Just two sleeve sizes will accommodate single or double sheath cable with diameters from 0.5 to 4.0 inches.

PBSS-Tyco-Datasheet [PDF, 182.46 KB]

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