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RCRS-RDRK Cable Repair Systems

RCRS – Cable Repair System for Telephone Cables Under Pressure

  • Composite heat-shrinkable sleeve for reliable and easy installation
  • Installed and tested in less than 45 minutes
  • Can be installed on polyethylene and metal jacketed cables
  • Incorporated pressure release opening
  • Three sizes to cover all cable diameters from 15 to 90 mm
  • No need for depressurisation during installation
  • High performance hotmelt adhesive ensures a reliable seal


RDRK – Heat-shrinkable wraparound repair system for pressurized telephone cables

The RDRK Depressurized Telephone Cable Repair Kit is a wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve coated with TE Connectivity’s specially formulated hot melt adhesive for use in pressurized cable applications. This red adhesive ensures a permanent bond between the heat-shrinkable sleeve and the cable sheath, providing a reliable seal against pressure loss.



RCRS-Tyco-Datasheet [PDF, 1.42 MB]
RDRK-Tyco-Datasheet [PDF, 1.42 MB]
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