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TEL SPLICE -Connectors for telecom conductor connections

Tel-Splice connectors provide and economical and reliable means of splicing telephone cable conductors. They are available in several configurations for different applications.



  • Durable - Highly resistant to moisture and chemical attack; flame retardant models available.
  • Economical - lower applied cost; IDC (installation displacement connectors), gas tight connections, no prestripping required, means minimal operatör preparation.
  • Versatile - Available filled or unfilled; color coded for easy identification: 2-wire, 3-wire, half-tap and Clear & Cap in loose piece or welded sticks..



  • Load coils
  • Stub cables
  • Ready access terminals
  • Trunk and tool cables.


Technical specifications:

  • 108-6021 all 2 wire, 3 wire, and 1/2 tap versions, except flame retardant
  • 108-6042 all flame retardant versions
  • 108-6075 clear and cap
  • MSDS for filled product 125-6332.


TELSPLICE-turkce-katalog [PDF, 316.4 KB]
Tel-Splice-Tyco-Datasheet [PDF, 305.58 KB]

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