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Amp stack -Modular Connectors



  • Mass termination of 25 pairs saves time and money
  • Connectors available presealed
  • UL Listed
  • RUS Listed (Technical Approval)

    The AMP STACK Mark III 25 pair connectors are designed to mass terminate communication cables of solid copper or aluminum conductor wires ranging from 0.32 to 0.8 mm of diameter, (28 to 20 AWG). 

    The connectors are equipped with insulation displacement tin plated contacts that provide a gas-tight termination. These connectors cover different insulation types like pulp, paper or plastic up to 1.65 mm/0.065” external diameter. The product line includes Dry, Testing, and Pre-Sealed

    AMP STACK Mark III Features:

    • Connectors for straight splicing and tapping of communication cables
    • Pluggable/bridge module to connect/ disconnect modules
    • Dry Testing versions available for simultaneous electrical testing during application
    • Pre-Sealed versions with sealing gel for environmentally protected connections
    • Plastic adapter to correctly place the connector in the crimping tool is included in the packaging Materials
    • Housing, cover and base: Polycarbonate
    • Contacts: Phosphor Bronze, tin plated
    • Cut-off Blade: Stainless Steel
    • Application tooling plastic adapter: ABS


    Standard package:

    • 12 modules per bag
    • 120 modules per box


    Product specifications:

    • Straight splicing and half-tap modules: 108-22038 (25 pair connectors)
    • Pluggable/bridge module: 108-22047
    • Pre-Sealed modules: 108-22068 (25 pair connectors)


    Application specifications

    • AMP STACK MARK III 25 pair: 114-22006 (25 pair connectors)


    Ampstack-Tyco-Datasheet [PDF, 2.26 MB]

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