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QUICK - FIT coaxial connectors

HUBER+SUHNER QUICK-FIT connectors are worldwide approved N and 7/16 connectors for foam dielectric corrugated copper and aluminium tube cables. They offer a greatly simplified and economic approach to cable preparation and assembly. The product line meets the requirements of multi-carrier, high-channel-count transceivers such as base stations of today’s mobile communication infrastructure networks.



  • Excellent RF performance
  • Low, stable and reproducible PIM (Passive Intermodulation Product) – typically –165 dBc
  • Safe assembly process performance – in-field termination with reproducible electrical performance
  • Quick and easy assembly – 2 main connector parts, 4 steps in less than 4 minutes
  • High IP rating – IP68
  • Multi-brand, multi-design and multi-material cable compatibility

New Products

FiberChek Probe
FiberChek Probe
Price excl. VAT:$2,250.09
Price inc. VAT:$2,655.11
List Price:$3,639.12
SmartOTDR 138FA - Handheld Fiber Tester
SmartOTDR 138FA - Handheld Fiber Tester
Price excl. VAT:$4,890.12
Price inc. VAT:$5,770.34
Constant Force Springs
Constant Force Springs
Price excl. VAT:$0.00
Price inc. VAT:$0.00


Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3
Price excl. VAT:$28.66
Price inc. VAT:$33.82
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Price excl. VAT:$14.23
Price inc. VAT:$16.79
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter
Price excl. VAT:$10.00
Price inc. VAT:$11.80

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