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1600HT High Temperature Coating (up to120°C)

Adhesives: Butyl Rubber & Resins

Total Thickness: 25 and 30 mils

Polyken 1600HT is a PE/Butyl pipe coating system. It consists of two layers:

  • LAYER ONE: A liquid adhesive (primer) layer consisting of thermally-acitivated material formulated for elevated temperature stability
  • LAYER TWO: A coating layer consisting of a cross-linked polyethylene backing and a cross-linked elastomeric adhesive capable of maintaining long-term protection at elevated temperature.


  • Line Travel (in situ) application of coating "over the ditch"
  • Reconditioning or Bell Hole Rehabilitation
  • Girth Weld Coating
  • Plant Applied Coating


Features & Benefits:


Manfucatured at ISO certified facility

High operating temperature rating

     Reliability and Safety

     Top performance in demanding conditions

Shear resistance at elevated temperature

Plant or in-field application

     Provides high functional      performance and safety

     Flexible and conformable backing for easy plant or field application

User-friendly application to new or operating pipelines

Proven cross-linked backing formulation for long term temperature resistance and flexibility up to 120°C

     Save time and money

     Long-lasting performance


Max Temperature: 121 ºC, 249 ºF


Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

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Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter

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Raspberry Pi 3 Official Case

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