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Smart Pocket OLP Optical Power Meter - OLP-35 InGaAs, +10 dBm

Viavi Solutions™ next-generation SmartPocket OLP-3x optical power meter quickly, easily, and conveniently measures levels and loss in fiber networks. Intuitive, onebutton operation, automatic wavelength recognition, and a large, sharp display that simultaneously shows relevant results and settings make it easy-to-use for technicians at any skill level. The small and rugged SmartPocket also includes unprecedented data storage capacity (saving up to 100 results) and downloads results to a PC with an optional micro USB port.

Key features  

  • Cost-effective, rugged and high performance solution
  • 3 year recalibration period
  • Universal wavelength setting
  • Universal optical interface for all 2.5 mm / 1.25 mm connector 
  • Auto λ detection and TwinTest mode
  • Internal data storage and PC download capability



  • Optical power level and link insertion loss measurements 
  • Enterprise / LAN networks with 850/1300 nm multimode wavelengths capability
  • Access and metro (LAN/WAN) networks with multimode and singlemode testing combination.
  • Standard and high power level testing for any telecom, CATV and military applications.


The JDSU OLP-3x series is the new generation of small and rugged optical power meters for quick, easy and convenient field measurement of optical power level and loss in fiber networks.


The instruments provide a field proof and ergonomic design with a large and sharp display providing all relevant parameters and settings at the same time! An intuitive one-button operation combined with the automatic wavelength recognition makes the SmartPocket OLPs the products of choice for any technician dealing with fiber testing.


Unprecedented data storage capacity for this class of product, with up to 100 result saving and a mini USB port to download results to a PC, the SmartPocket™ instruments offer all you need from testing to reporting.

jdsu-olp-3x-Datasheet [PDF, 141.93 KB]

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