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Altera Medical-Grade, USP Class VI, High Shrink Ratio, Polyolefin Tubing - MT6000

Product Facts

  • 4:1 shrink ratio or greater
  • Custom and larger shrink ratios available
  • Flexible; variety of colors
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Inner adhesive lining optional (MT6000A)
  • USP Class VI material, no heavy metals
  • Plastic spools and double bagged packaging
  • Compatibility with gamma and ETO sterilization
  • RoHS compliant

by Kenelm, 17 Feb 2017

Great idea! Ca1&8#2n7;t be that hard to retrofit – critical factor will be getting the original heat exchanger off. Ah the cooling advances brought to us by giant GPUs and tiny laptops. I am using polystyrene insulation currently – overall the current system with ice water is capable of freezing the alcohol fairly quickly (not that that is desirable).

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