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Mechanical surface sensing thermostat RAYSTAT-EX-02

This EEx d approved surface sensing thermostat provides temperature control for all Raychem BTV, QTVR, KTV, VPL and XTV heating cables in hazardous areas. The switching temperature range is –4°C to +163°C and is adjustable externally to the Ex enclosure by a dial mounted under a bolted-on cover and seal.

The switching current capacity is 22 A. It has a single polechange-over switch with volt-free contacts.

Cable entry is through a single 3/4" NPT thread entry. Raychem cable glands are available to suit non-armoured 
and armoured cable. 

The 3 m long stainless steel fluid filled bulb and capillary give freedom to locate the enclosure remote from the bulb. The bulb exposure range is –50°C to +215°C.The cast aluminium construction with stainless steel fittings 
gives a lightweight unit which can be pipe mounted using Raychem support brackets or surface mounted.


Surface sensing mechanical thermostat 

  • For hazardous areas

  • Temperature setting: –4°C +163°C

  • Exposure temperature Sensor:–50°C +215°C

  • Switching 22A

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