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Self-Sealing SST/SST-FR

SST provides a simple, positive splice-sealing method that offers protection under adverse environmental conditions. Tubing supplied with standard sealant provides water sealing and environmental protection in wet or underground applications. The thermoplastic adhesive not only seals, but also provides mechanical strain relief. The polymer tubing has excellent insulating, abrasion-resistance, and strain-relief properties.


Product Facts

  • Thick adhesive liner forms an effective barrier against fluids and moisture
  • Thick-wall insulation, strain relief and abrasion protection
  • No need for greases, tape, or epoxy
  • Expansion ratios as high as 3:1
  • Available in flame-retardant material
  • SST has the following agency approvals:
    • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
    • Lloyd’s (Lloyd’s Register of Shipping)
  • RoHS compliant
Category:Heavy Duty
Max Operating Temperature:110
Min Shrink Temperature:90
SST_SST-FR_Datasheet [PDF, 77.33 KB]

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