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Polyolefin Tubing CGPE-105

Attractive covering for many automotive, appliance, and consumer-goods applications. Commercial grade tubing for applications where a flame-retardant product is not needed. Provides both insulation and protection of components and wires while also providing a smooth, glossy finish with a choice of seven colors as well as clear. Exceptional transparency of clear CGPE-105 makes it a well suite choice for protecting marked surfaces.


Product Facts

  • Bright, shiny surface; clear version offers exceptional clarity
  • Can be easily hot-stamped
  • Economical, yet offers the improved performance of a cross linked material
  • Conforms to substrates more uniformly and with less longitudinal change than most PVC-based materials
  • RoHS compliant


Category:Single Wall
Flame retardant:No
Max Operating Temperature:105
Min Shrink Temperature:85
CGPE-105_Datasheet [PDF, 80.86 KB]

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