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FIST-WR2 - Wall-Mountable Rack Cabinet

The FIST wall-mountable rack is a unique sealed physical fiber management system that is designed to be used in an exchange, head end or customer premises environment. It is typically used in vault applications to splice outdoor cable to indoor cable, but it can as well be used as ODF for limited fiber counts.


FIST-WR2 Features:

  • Integrates fiber, pigtail and cable management
  • Offers dust-proof, environmental and mechanical protection
  • Accommodates a variety of shelves and equipment
  • Extensive cable inlet/outlet possibilities
  • Dimensions: FIST-WR2-1 760x840x365 / FIST-WR2-2 1000x840x365


FIST-WR2_Datasheet [PDF, 992.97 KB]
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