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FIST-UR Universal Rack Cabinet

It is an all purpose metal rack to accommodate the FIST fiber management system in an exchange, head end or customer premises environment.
It offers horizontal and vertical pigtail management (HPM and VPM) for storage of patchcord overlength allowing patching within a single rack without uncontrolled overlengths.
Possibility of easy adaptation to specific applications by variation of the rack/shelf configuration and routings of patchcords.


  • A solid 400 mm deep rack
  • Different sizes to accommodate low, medium and high fiber densities
  • Unique sliding mechanism allows easy reconfiguration
  • Bend control on all fiber routing
  • Structured division and distribution of cable loose tubes
  • Various mounting options
  • Glass or metal doors.


  • FIST-UR-S3-1 (width: 800mm) 
  • FIST-UR-S3-2 (width: 1000mm) 
  • FIST-UR-S3-3 (width: 1200mm)


FIST-UR_Datasheet [PDF, 845.02 KB]
FIST-UR_Ordering_Guide [PDF, 845.02 KB]
FIST-UR_Installation_Instructions [PDF, 845.02 KB]

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