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WPC100M - High Shear Joint Protection MOT 100°C (212°F)



WPC100M is a wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve specially suitable for higher stress conditions caused both by elevated temperatures and by soils with severe contraction between wet-dry cycles. The WPC100M is compatible with most commonly used steel pipe sections and large radius bends. WPC100M may be cut to the appropiate length to cover all pipe diameters.


Features & Benefits:


Dimpled Backing Provides a 'Permanent Change' Indicator for Application of Heat

Low Preheat Sensitivity & Proven Functionality

     Ensures correct application heat & allows easy post-heat 
     inspection, reliable inspectability at any time

     Installation friendly in combination with
      high functionality

High Impact and Penetration Resistance

Available as All-in-one Unit or Roll Form

     Tough but flexible even at low temperatures

     Saves money by keeping inventory and
     logistics costs low

Sealing Adhesive Automatically Flows, Repairing Minor Mechanical Damages

No Special Equipment or Skills Required

     Self-healing effect, saves extra intervention steps

     Makes installation fast and easy, and
    keeps costs low



Max Temperature: 100 ºC, 212 ºF

DS-WPC100M-REV9-OCT12(3) [PDF, 497.13 KB]

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