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Raychem Heat Shrink Termination Head for Copper Cables 1kV Quad

With millions of installations throughout the world, Raychem cable terminations for up to 1 kV are acknowledged to be more reliable and quicker to install than conventional systems.

A proven system Consistent performance in extreme temperatures, atmospheric pollution and ultra-violet light has proven the insulating and sealing ability of Raychem terminations for more than 35 years.

Ease of installation Installed by way of heat-shrinking, the Raychem system saves time, eliminates special equipment and simplifies work overhead and work in confined spaces. Varying cable constructions can be easily accommodated, and every kit typically covers three to four cable sizes. Thus inventories are reduced and stockkeeping minimized.

Performance Raychem terminations meet Raychem Specification PPS 3013, which includes the requirements of the major national standards and international norms. High performance and efficiency are the results of Raychem’s expertise in materials science and electrical power engineering, gained through a sustained research effort and extensive experience as one of the largest cable accessory makers. Raychem makes a wide range of terminating and jointing systems and supports them with full customer service, installer training and technical assistance to meet the demands of the growing world of energy.

LowVoltageTer [PDF, 151.49 KB]

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