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Raychem Cable Joints , Cold Applied Cable Joints 36 KV

• Pre-expanded, single piece silicone rubber joint body
with high mechanical expansion capability allows a wide
application range
• Electrical stress control of the screen cut area by
integrated conductive geometrical stress cones
• Electrical stress control of the connector area by an
integrated screened connection area (Faraday cage)
• Pre-expansion on a well-known and easy-to-install
holdout system
• Choice of outer sealing and protection systems
• Easy-to-install joint system with short installation time
• Exceeds CENELEC HD 629.1, requirements which include
IEC, BS, VDE and other international specifications
• Mechanical shear bolt connectors to IEC 61238-1 with
wide application range for conductor and wire shield can
be supplied with the kit
• Proven shield continuity concept

cold_36_joints [PDF, 778.82 KB]
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