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Floor Heating - Heating Cable ELEKTRA VCD 17 w/m

Electrical Underfloor Heating - Turkey -


  Floor heating
as the most favourable
heating solution


Of all heating systems, floor heating’s vertical
temperature distribution in a room is the closest form
of heating to the physiological body temperature
Floor heating is a low temperature heating solution
(floors will reach temperature levels of approx. ),
the entire floor constitutes the heating element.
The advantages of these characteristics
are as follows:
• no combustion and dust convection
which causes allergies,
• no draughts,
• no drastic temperature differences in rooms,
• no dry air.


Electrical Underfloor Heating - Turkey -  ELEKTRA Thermostat OTN1991 Good for Allergy


Electrical Underfloor Heating - Turkey -    Floor heating means:

• indoor climate comfort for users
– even room temperature distribution,
favourable warm floor effect,
• interior designs are not compromised
by bulky heaters, boilers, chimneys,
and water or gas pipes,
• low capital costs,
• decentralized heating – regulation
and control of individual rooms


Electrical Underfloor Heating - Turkey -  Electronic Floor Heating Ideal Profile



Donmaya-Karsi-koruma-4-ELEKTRAConstant Wattage Cables


• Single-side supplied heating cables

   in ready-made units


• heating cables with built-in temperature

controllers, in ready-made units




Frost Protection ELEKTRA 2



Power output:  10, 17 or 25 W/m
Power supply 30 V and 400 V (VCD 25 only)~ 50/60 Hz
External dimension of cable: ~ 5 x 7 mm
Min. installation temperature: –5 C
Max. working temperature: 95 C
Conduit cables: 1 x 2.5 m; 3 x 1.0 mm , 3 x 1.5 mm or 3 x 2.5 mm
Type of heating cable: double-core, conductor screen, single-side power supply
Insulation: XLPE
Outer sheath: heat resistant PVC
Rated power output tolerance: 5%, -10%
Min. radius of bending cable: 3.5 D
Protection: IPX7
Product certificates: GOST-R
Certificate of ISO 9001: IQNET, PCBC
Product mark: CE

2. ELEKTRA FreezeTec heating cables


 are ready-made units of specified lengths,

consisting of a 12 W/m heat output cable,

terminated with a 1.5 m-long power supply

conductor with a sealed plug at one end,

and a thermostat at the other end. The

thermostat will automatically turn on the

system’s operation at +3°C and off at +10°C.

- No additional controls are required

for the operation of ELEKTRA FreezeTec heating cables. ®


These cables are especially designed for the simple

heating systems – with actuators or pipes of

max. 50 mm diameter. The installation can be

performed on a DIY basis, an installer’s assistance

is not required.

Frost Protection ELEKTRA 3



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VC-Structure [PDF, 110.03 KB]
VCD-Structure [PDF, 123.93 KB]
VC_Heating_Cables_Manual [PDF, 3.17 MB]
VCD10_VCD17_Heating_Cables_Manual [PDF, 1.72 MB]
VC_VCD_Declaration_of_Conformity [PDF, 110.16 KB]
VCD Datasheet [PDF, 55.13 KB]

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