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3D Printing


3D Printing

3d printing is realizing 3d models and design drawn on a computer into real physical objects. The benefit of this revolutionary method is that it gives freedom to create very complex objects that cannot be done using traditional molding methods.


3D Printer Models (1)

3D Printer Models

3D Printer Models

ABS Filament (7)

ABS Filament

3D ABS Filament

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a petroleum-based plastic. Most common in the plastic industry, ABS can be observed in many products today. It is preferable for industrial and professional printing. Using ABS, you can print interlaced items such as gears and cogwheels, and objects intended for surface processing (i.e. sandpaper, acetonevaporing, drilling and painting).

PLA Filament (8)

PLA Filament

PLA Filament


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