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Heating Accessories

Heating Accessories

Pentair accesories for the following purposes:

  • Control & Monitoring Accessories
  • Fixing Material (Tapes, Band, Straps, Ties): Adhesive tapes, spacers and other mounting & fixing materials, such as cable ties.
  • Support Brackets & Insulation entry kits: Systems designed for supporting sections of pipe.
  • Glands, Adaptors & Plugs: Support brackets, labels, pipe straps, fixing tapes, glands, adaptors and more accessories
  • Labels: Labels to indicate the presence of electric heat tracing.
  • Leak Detection Accessories:  To complete the range of sensors, alarm module and panels we supply a complete range of accesories that are used at installation of the system: Cable tags & terminations, connection kits, double contained tank entry kits and pressure feed-thru fittings are among the accessories available for your installation.


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New Products

Turta IoT HAT

Turta IoT HAT

Price excl. VAT:£39.94
Price inc. VAT:£47.13
Micro-USB to Ethernet Adapter

Micro-USB to Ethernet Adapter

Price excl. VAT:£5.52
Price inc. VAT:£6.51


Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

Price excl. VAT:£30.46
Price inc. VAT:£35.94
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter

Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter

Price excl. VAT:£8.02
Price inc. VAT:£9.46
Raspberry Pi 3 Official Case

Raspberry Pi 3 Official Case

Price excl. VAT:£7.72
Price inc. VAT:£9.11

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