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PardusARM Operating System for Raspberry Pi

Date: 21 Apr 2016


Pardus Operating System for Raspberry Pi - 001




Pardus Operating System for Raspberry Pi

Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 74

Today, we are going to demonstrate how to install and use Pardus operation system on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1.

First of all, we need to know the meaning of the word Pardus. A pardus is a predator animal, a type leopards that live in the wilds of Anatolia, in Turkey. It is a strong, fast animal that likes to live on its own. Thats why, developers gave its name to their unique Raspberry Pi Operating System. However, we will show you how to use this powerful OS to do great things, it will probably only take as much time as you need to read this article, we know that many of our readers are not new to Raspberry Pi, and most of you have a Raspberry Pi board. 

(Note: we are using PardusARM v3, which is based on Debian/Raspbian) 

The list of requirements:

  1. Your computer (With an internet connection wired or wireless)
  2. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 (With SD card, mouse, keyboard e.t.c.)
  3. Ethernet cable (long enough from your modem to Raspberry Pi)
  4. Micro SD card reader (Class 10 32GB would be cool)
  5. Speaker (for Raspberry Pi's audio jack to hear a voice)


Installing Pardus Operating System on Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Downloading Pardus OS for Raspberry Pi


Open your computer and browse to:

Click "indir" to download. If this is hard to do, you can go directly to this alternative IP adress :

On this page there are two files :

  1. 1.03 GB
  2. 61B

Click on zip file to begin download. If your browser is Google Chrome and you can't download the 1.03GB file, try to use Internet Download Manager to do it more easily.


Pardus Operating System  - Raspberry Pi - 002 Pardus Operating System  - Raspberry Pi - 003


Step 2: Copying the OS to SD Card

Now, that we have downloaded Pardus to our computer's desktop. We needWin32 Disk Imager program in order to flash this .rar file into our SD Card directly and easily. Copying the files as a whole image is better than Copy-Paste, this way Raspberry Pi will process the data on the SD Card as an operating system.

Once done, you plug in the SD Card into your Raspberry Pi 2 board, and then give power to it.

Careful: It is better not to insert the SD card while the Pi is running, it should be done while it is off.


Pardus Operating System  - Raspberry Pi - 004Pardus Operating System  - Raspberry Pi - 005Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 006Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 07

Step 3: Your First Boot of Pardus on Raspberry Pi

The SD Card is on board, we have power in it and the system begins booting. And the first this you will see is a nice error message like this:

lib_request_firmware: Error - Failed to request Firmware

It is just because we didn't attach the ethernet cable to the board and the system couldn't update itself, which is an automatic Procedure once you are online. Wait for a couple of minutes and you see black screen with texts on it.


Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 08Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 09


Step 4: Logging into Pardus 

While you are on that black screen, press "ENTER" activate  the login Procedure.

Use "pardus" as the username and the password as well

PardusARM GNU/Linux pardusarm login: pardus password: pardus

Note: These login name and password are for PardusARM version 3.

Here are some useful quick commands to use at this point:


Just like Raspbian OS, you can use 'startx' to see the desktop.

nano /etc/wpa.config

This code is to modify the Wi-Fi settings.


Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 10Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 11


Step 5: Pardus Desktop = Hello Pardus!


Now, use startx code to go to the desktop of Pardus. Hey! A beautiful view of Istanbul welcomes you!

Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 12

 Step 6: Pardus Desktop Overview

These pictures are for overview. Enjoy.

Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 13Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 14Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 15Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 16Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 17Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 18Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 19Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 20Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 21Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 22Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 23Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 24Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 25Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 26Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 27Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 28Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 29Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 30Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 31Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 32Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 33

Step 7: How to give an internet access to Pardus

Use an ethernet LAN cable from Raspberry Pi to your modem. (Picture 1)

You can use a USB Wifi adapter; you can veify the wireless connection through the Wifi settings.(Picture 2)

After you plug in the ethernet cable, reboot your Raspberry Pi board with internet connection. Press enter on the keyboard. and then login with the default ID: 'pardus' and the default password: 'pardus' when you see yellow command line.

sudo nano /etc/wpa.config

On the editor page set the parameters like these:

ssid="**your SSID of your wireless modem**" psk="**your wifi password"

You can modify these with the arrow buttons on your keyboard.

To save the changes: press CTRL + O then  E

You should see the code  Wrote 12 lines  you saved the Wifi info succesfully.

CTRL + X to close the editor to return.

Now, type startx to open the desktop

At the top right corner you can see the logo and there is a white thing in front of it, right click on it >> Bağlantı (Connection) >> Wired Network >> Now you are connected perfectly.

Go to default web browser from bottom panel and click on the globe icon to run the web browser. >> Type the link >>and hit enter >> If you can see the Pardus logo you are connected to the web!

Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 34Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 35Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 36Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 37Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 38

Step 8: To sum up




Well done! You have got a new operating system!. Thanks to the Pardus Developer Community, working from the 1990s till today, we have got an operating system that offers a lot of freedom.

Although it is close to Raspbian operating system, Pardus's interface is way more interesting and user friendly.

That's all !


Step 9: BONUS: YouTube Video Listener

On Pardus terminal, type this code then press 'Enter':


This opens YouTube video Listener,which is a program to listen to music videos through youtube without actually watching them. Check the video below to see what this program is.


Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 39



Step 10: BONUS: Secret Online Radio Code

If you want to feel a little relaxed after all these steps, use this code:


It starts playing a special radio channel based on the website:



Step 11: BONUS: Update Pardus + Enable SSH + Enable FTP + Change Password + Web Server + Screen Saver Pardus Matrix

Reboot and log in again then type this code to the main 'Settings'.

sudo pardus-ayar

Then, you can use this code to change the audio from HDMI to the 3.5 audio jack and vise versa:

sudo ses_hdmi sudo ses_kulaklik

If you want to see or edit any files or folders use this code:

sudo mc

To exit from any screen just use 'exit':


To clear the code screen use this:


If you want to act "cool" infront of your friends. You can start the Pardus-Matrix Screen Saver (press q to quit):


For the task manager use this code (press q to quit):


Listen the network with this code below:

sudo iptraf


Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 40Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 41Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 42Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 43Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 44Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 45Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 46Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 4Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 47Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 48Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 49



Step 12: BONUS: Popular Terminal codes

Don't forget these popular codes:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo rpi-update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

System reboot is required.


Step 13: BONUS: Pardus Web Server = Create your own blog

First of all, we need to know our IP adress using this code:

sudo ipconfig

Then go to your browser and type the IP adress and add the Blog link like this:

This will open a blog page that can be modified after you log in using the same login; username: pardus password: pardus


Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 50Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 51Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 52Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 53Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 54Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 55


Step 14: BONUS: Comparison: Pardus ? Raspbian


Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 57


PardusARM vs. Rasoberry Pi

Release Date 2003 2012
Origin Turkey England
Graphics very good Good
Changes Protected Reset might delete changes
Setup Time Short Long
Sound Quality High Quality Medium Quality
Code Safety a few penetration cases a few penetration cases
File Size 1.03GB 1.30GB (Raspbi Lite = 284MB)
Platform Debian Debian
Compatibility works with Pi 2 works with Pi 2 and Pi 3
Python codes Works in Terminal Works in Terminal


Step 15: BONUS: How to load Arduino IDE on Pardus in order to code Arduino Mega

This option is very cool in Pardus because you don't need Windows or MAC PC to program your Arduino board. Let's download Arduino IDE first from the internet. Just open your LXTerminal, and type this code:

sudo apt-get install arduino

If password is required, use -pardus-, just like always.

After the loading is finished, you need to restart your Pardus. Go to top-right corner and click on the PardusARM logo then press Y to reboot.

After rebooting enter the desktop and go to: PardusARM start >> Elektronik >> Arduino IDE

Now, everything is set. Plug in your Arduino board into Pardus, choose the COM port number, and file >> examples >> basics >> a blinking code appears. >> Click on 'upload' to upload your codes to Arduino board.

Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 58Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 59Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 60Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 61Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 62Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 63Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 64Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 65Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 66Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 67Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 68Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 69Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 70Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 71Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 72Pardus Operating System Raspberry Pi - 73



(Very special thanks to Pardus ARM community in Turkey)

We thank the ambitious writer of this article Onur Yol.

Thank you very much.



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